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Miller Adams Critical Power Group specializes in reliable electrical power solutions for buildings, information technology centers and critical process equipment. We create systems with essential redundancy through integration of utility power, on site generation and uninterruptible power supplies.

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“THAT’S NOT POSSIBLE - We couldn’t have lost production, we have a generator.”

Question: When does on-site backup power generation become the problem rather than the solution? Answer: When you’ve reached a false sense of security that all backup systems will work together flawlessly in the event of a power failure. It is inevitable that the system will fail if you ignore the necessity of a written protocol for periodic maintenance and compatibility testing. These are common occurrences, yet many business owners have no idea there are preventative solutions to these failures. Miller Adams Critical Power Group is who we are. On line power solutions is our focus.

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Our mission at Miller Adams Critical Power Group is to provide quality services and installations at a competitive price. The following lineup of services reflects our core offerings: energy audits, power quality testing and anomaly mitigation, installation of redundant power systems such as generators, and uninterruptible power supply systems. Miller Adams Critical Power Group draws on the expertise of a network of pre-selected professionals. We do this to provide a single source solution for your critical electrical power needs. Our commitment begins with an initial consultation and continues through all construction or upgrade related activities. Our mission would not be complete without our commitment to service. Our commitment to client needs continues beyond project completion to include sustained customer support.


The Critical Power Group applies the same techniques of information gathering and pooling of resources used in our design build protocol. Although we duplicate many procedural aspects of the design build criteria in the Critical Power operation, the difference between the two becomes evident as the “Group” aspect of the name is defined. Just as the term “Critical Power” describes our focus, the term “Group” describes an important attribute within our process. Many times critical power installations (particularly in retrofit applications) constitute the bulk of the project. However there is often a need for services outside the scope of those normally performed by an electrical contractor. To accommodate those needs, we expand our resources (our “Group”) to include a network of professionals and subcontractors with all the expertise necessary to provide you with a single source turnkey product.

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