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Miller Adams Critical Power Group specializes in reliable electrical power solutions for buildings, information technology centers and critical process equipment. We create systems with essential redundancy through integration of utility power, on site generation and uninterruptible power supplies.

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In Summary

When power problems occur at critical times, as in the examples above, typically the first call initiated is to the utility company. More often than not the serving utility has no credible answer or guarantee for remedial action. Utility companies generally do an excellent job of providing sustained power, however it is imperative that you take added precautions to protect your company from these unexpected disruptions in service. All business owners and managers must carefully consider the effects of power disruptions as they relate to lost production and down time. Unexpected power disruptions create financial loses that have an adverse affect on the bottom line. Taking a proactive stance to prepare for the unexpected is the correct approach. Defining and implementing a critical power solution can be a daunting task for those who rarely engage in such activities. Simply finding a starting point can be very confusing. Do I hire an engineer? Should I call a generator or UPS salesman? Maybe I should contact an electrician? One thing is certain, all of these entities have an important role to play and someone will need to manage and coordinate their different activities. Warranties and services can become problematic. Someone needs to be the referee. Someone needs to take complete ownership of the final product. That’s where Miller Adams comes in. Miller Adams brings all the expertise together under one contract. We retain engineers, design professionals and equipment vendors to provide you with a one-source, totally turnkey solution. We systematically research your environment, collect and process the data and use our proven strategies to integrate and coordinate various components and sub-trades into a cohesive project that we own, on your behalf, from start to finish. The result is a complete power solution that protects you from unexpected disruptions that occur at critical times during your processing day. Miller Adams Critical Power Group provides the “one source” strategy you need to resolve your power problems. Contact us at:

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