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Miller Adams has an excellent track record in electrical construction for plan & spec and design-build projects. Additionally we provide critical power solutions for buildings, information technology centers and critical process equipment.

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Is a process in which a client retains an architectural firm to create a full set of building plans and specifications. Those documents are then made available to contractors and suppliers for use in estimating construction cost and to govern all products and methods of installation during construction.


Is a construction process in which collaboration between a client, contractor, sub contractors, and design professionals takes advantage of their collective knowledge and expertise to produce blueprints and specifications. This method of inclusiveness inherently provides cost containment and “best practice” methods for construction. As priorities shift from the planning stage to construction, that all-inclusive mind set is then focused on expeditious project delivery and safety.


Constructing a “plan & spec” project

Traditionally, this is a process in which a client, their construction manager, or their representative retain an architectural firm to design a building or structure. While the architect provides design services, their network of consulting engineers compile their respective sets of structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and specialty drawings based on the architect’s design criteria. The end result is a complete set of blueprints (plans) and specifications (specs). The client, in turn, distributes the “plans & specs” for the purpose of obtaining estimates and proposals from contractors, sub contractors, and suppliers. When contracts are awarded, the plans and specifications become the “construction documents” to be used as the pattern for construction and a gauge for strict compliance to all related activities.


Design Build (DB) construction ultimately achieves the same end as that of a plan & spec project, i.e. a new customer specific building or structure. However, the process to reach that goal takes on a new dimension that results in a more carefully tailored final product.

The project becomes a collaborative effort between a client and contractor. This collaboration becomes the key factor and can significantly shorten the delivery process and create savings in doing so. In the DB process, the client is no longer the sole interface to the architect or design professionals. That interface is shared between the client, contractor, design professionals, and other major disciplines. This collaboration creates the most efficient, expedient, and effective method to meet the owner’s overall objectives and criteria while maximizing cost effectiveness.

Plans and specifications are generated by a team effort centered around the customer’s specific needs rather than general application requirements. Conclusion of the construction phase results in all customer specific needs being met. The upfront thorough examination of customer requirements in the DB process eliminates the need for potentially months of follow-on activity to further refine the end product to suit the client’s requirements.

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Miller Adams participates in nearly every facet of the electrical contracting industry. Our strong suit is our “design build” expertise. We carefully study the client’s current needs and future expectations. We rely heavily on client input and the process of collecting potentially overlooked or unidentified data. This is accomplished through a thorough interview process that pulls together the collective expertise required to meet all your needs.

If you are building a new facility, expanding, or altering your current place of business, we can assist with power layout and critical component integration. We understand that nobody knows more about the needs of a business than the owner and their staff. Consequently, our process heavily promotes and engages client involvement to assure the final product completely satisfies ALL client requirements. We create an atmosphere in which we, along with engineers and design professionals, can comfortably interact and collaborate with the client. By asking substantive questions, we systematically work through the design and implementation of the project. During these sessions, we combine your needs, as you express them, with our ideas of how to implement them.

Listening to the client is what separates us from those who believe they can categorize or stereotype a business and assume their needs.

There is no substitute in the design built process for systematically completing pre-construction “homework”. Gathering project data is absolutely necessary for a trouble free project. A project is predestined for success or failure in the planning stage - long before construction begins. Obtaining information critical for success involves cordial but probing question and answer sessions with clients, exchange of pertinent information between sub trades, and ongoing project coordination meetings involving all disciplines during construction and turnover. The above process and precautions will provide ninety plus percent of the information required for success. We excel at filling in the remaining balance of required information to avoid the pitfalls that frequently plague projects for years following completion. The ability to foresee potentially problematic issues prior to their arrival is a result of years of experience, gut instincts, and close attention when listening to the client.

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